Best Beef Jerky

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What Type of Meat do You Use?
Stan's uses only top quality round steak that is USDA inspected, and never chopped and formed from ground meat.

What does Minimally Processed mean?

USDA defines a minimally processed product as one that is not fundamentally altered during production. Which means, all we do is Slice, Marinate, Cook , Dry, and Package the product for the consumer.

What does “All Natural” mean?
USDA defines “All Natural” as a product containing no artificial ingredient or added color and is only minimally processed.

What is the shelf life of an unopened package of Stan's Jerky?
Stan's Jerky products should be consumed 30-45 days after the sell by date printed on each package for maximum flavor and aroma. Refrigeration of the product will help extend the shelf life.

What does an oxygen absorber do and why is it in my pack?
The oxygen absorber is the small white packet found in packages of Stan's Jerky. This small packet is clearly labeled "Do Not Eat"; however the contents are not harmful if accidentally consumed. Each oxygen absorber contains sterilized clay and elemental iron. The packet helps absorb any residual oxygen that may be found in the package, helping to retard growth of any unwanted bacteria. Also, extending the shelf life, the flavor, and aroma.