Best Beef Jerky

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Cracked Pepper Jerky

Delicious Hickory Smoked with Cracked Pepper Corn

Teriyaki Jerky 

A mild seasoning slightly sweet and mouth watering!

Pappy's Jerky

A Smokey flavored beef jerky that is cut with the grain for a more chewy texture.


With 3 different peppers- Black, Red , & Cayenne. Yummmm!

Cowboy Jerky

Authentic Old West taste This is not that 'soft and tender' jerky that you find in stores.  Our jerky is as tough as the cowboys its named after.

Traditional Jerky

Hickory Smoked with the bold taste of the "Old West" days!​

Pappy's Snack Sticks

Our award winning recipe is made with extra-lean  pork and delicious spices.  A great snack for on the go, sporting events, hunting, fishing, or camping.