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Stan's Beef Jerky BULK - 4 Pack - 2oz Traditional and Cracked Pepper

Stan's Beef Jerky BULK - 4 Pack - 2oz Traditional and Cracked Pepper

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Enjoy the jerky for longer with this bulk pack of 4

2 - 2 ounce packages of Stan's classic Traditional flavor - A delicious combination of spices and hickory smoked to perfection to create the bold taste of the "Old West" days.


2 - 2 ounce packages of Stan's classic Cracked Pepper flavor - hickory smoked with a kick of pepper.

        ALL NATURAL BEEF JERKY – Stan’s Beef Jerky never has any added MSG, preservatives, or nitrite. We keep it all natural and hickory smoked, the way jerky should be.
        GUILTLESS ON-THE-GO SNACKING – Whether you need a super low sugar (1g) keto snack, a gluten free snack, or just something delicious on the go, Stan’s beef jerky snack pack has you covered.
        AWARD WINNING BEEF JERKY – With MULTIPLE Oklahoma-Texas Meat Processors Association’s Grand Champion awards, Oklahoma State Champion award, and so many others, Stan’s has become a staple name in top quality beef jerky. Stan himself was inducted into the Cured Meats Hall of Fame in 1997 and still makes sure his jerky is perfect today.
        MADE WITH 100% REAL BEEF – Stan’s has always been made with the best cuts of 100% USDA beef. We hand trim, hand screen, and hand pack each piece so what you get is nothing short of perfection in a package.
        VETERAN OWNED & MADE IN THE USA – We’re proud to say Stan’s is made in the USA by hardworking Americans who care about the product you receive. We run small batches to ensure our recipe stays consistent, we don’t rush the slow smoking process, and that we can put our eyes on each piece that goes into the bag. Quality and consistency is of the upmost importance to our team and you can taste it in our jerky.
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